The work of Sophie Standing is incredible. She uses her collection of fabrics from around the world to create very colorful interpretations of the animals of Africa. All the remains is for her to take on the painted turtle, at which point art will have lapped nature.

More images of Standing's art are available on her site, and can be commissioned here. Here's how she makes her art, from the site:

In 2003 Sophie moved to Cape Town, South Africa and is now living in Karen, Kenya. Sophie's textile embroidered art is inspired by the flora and fauna around her in Africa and combines this with her passion for fabrics and textiles. Her one off pieces are created by appliqueing an intricate collage of fabric onto the canvas where her image is already sketched out. She then draws the details over the top of the fabric with her sewing machine using many different coloured threads.

Sophie has an extensive collection of fabrics from all over the world and in a vast array of designs and textures, ranging across haberdashery, dress making, quilting, new and vintage, floral, modern, wool, cotton, silk……Liberty and Kaffe Fasset being among her favourites.


Here's a piece called "The Pirate" (a collaboration with Anthony Russell) in progress:

Here are three more pieces, but there are many more you should definitely see in a gallery on her site (plus, you can zoom in on the photos there):


[via My Modern Met]

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