Angry Robot Books offers a full year's subscription for just £69

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Here's a business model that could help use the internet to save publishing from the abyss. Angry Robot Books will offer you e-book versions of every book it publishes in a year — up to 24 books — for £69.


Other small publishers have tried a subscription model before, but given the tech-savvy nature of science fiction readers, and the strong reputation of Angry Robot's titles — including some award-winning authors — this could be especially successful. The offer also comes with a one-time discount on all previously published books, in case you need to get caught up. Details at the link. [Angry Robot]

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This is a good idea, but books are so different from one to the next. It's like giving you a subscription to everything a movie studio puts out no matter what style or who's in it. Not the worst thing if you devour the entire medium, but not for everyone.

Now, if someone wants to give library-style access, like Netflix for their publishing company, that's something I'd be curious to see.