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Andy Serkis Wants YOU To Be In War For The Planet Of The Apes

Illustration for article titled Andy Serkis Wants YOU To Be In iWar For The Planet Of The Apes/i

Earlier this week, word dropped of a ‘Special Announcement’ regarding War for the Planet of the Apes, leading everyone to guess that it was an early teaser. That’s not the case: they announced a contest to be in the movie as an ape.

There was a little new footage of the film, which looked like the film will live up to it’s title.


The contest? Submit a video of your “most lifelike ape imitation”, and they’ll pick the best one from the submissions. The winner will be flown out to the set, get set up in a motion capture suit and will be part of a major battle in the film. Videos have to be 30 seconds in English, uploaded to Youtube, and you have to have a valid passport.

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Isn’t everyday life really like a war for the planet of the apes, if you think about it?