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Before The Last Jedi confirmed or denied any of our post-TFA plot speculation (no spoilers here, though!), the internet positively drowned in fan theories, ideas about Snoke, Rey, Phasma, and every little thing in between (were those really the ashes of Kylo Ren’s enemies, or were they just, like, incense or something?).

Of course, the actors hear them, too, and talking to Collider, Andy Serkis (Snoke) and Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma) share their favorite theories about their respective characters. Domhnall Gleeson is there, too, but he seems mostly mystified by the whole conversation, as if he’s surprised anyone would even bother to care about General Hux’s backstory.


I love, by the way, the idea that Snoke is somehow related to Salacious Crumb, the little spider-monkey dude who hangs out at Jabba’s and cackles a whole bunch. It strikes all the right notes for a batshit fan theory—absurd, internally consistent, and involving cross-species relations.

Er. Anyway. You can watch the video below.


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