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Is this android lovefest the best Star Wars/Star Trek mash up t-shirt ever created? Using the scientific method, we've determined the answer is yes. This is the hot droid-on-droid love fest we've been looking for. More amazing T-shirts below.


Artist Joanna Mulder was showing off her amazing wares at NYC's King Con this weekend, and they are just brilliant. Check out her site as well — any artist who knows how to incorporate Enemy Mine into an ad, and put our two favorite droids into love's sweet embrace is uber-talented. Here are a few of my favorites...

Purchase these shirts and a lot of other great geeky items at Etsy.

Thanks for the tip OMG_Ponies.

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Discodave: R.O.A.C.H. M.O.T.E.L.

Nothing witty to say, but I'm pretty sure the inspiration came from the same place as it did for this album cover.

The original photo's from a book entitled Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs edited by Tessa Boffin and Jean Fraser.

Don't say you never learn anything here. #starwars