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Andrew W.K. Parties Hard on Gundam Tribute Album

Illustration for article titled Andrew W.K. Parties Hard on Gundam Tribute Album

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam, the television series about space war and mecha suits that launched a phenomenon in Japan. Headbanging rocker Andrew W.K. plans to celebrate with a tribute album to Gundam's music.


The album, succinctly titled Gundam Rock, is due out September 9th and will contain English language covers of the theme songs from Mobile Suit Gundam and the movie trilogy, as well as covers of the background music. He also plans to reenact the opening narration and the speech Gihren Zabi makes during his father's funeral:


This isn't Andrew W.K.'s first tribute to Japanese culture. Just last year, he released a 14-song album covering J-pop songs, including Daisuke Inoue's "Ai Senshi," which served as the ending theme to the second Gundam movie:

[Anime News Network via Japanator]

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Ed Grabianowski

This is really weird, because I was just reading a bunch of stuff about Andrew WK. I suspect that he something like the Andy Kaufman of pop music. There's some really bizarre stuff if you look into it..