Andrew Stanton Teases The John Carter Sequel We'll Never See

Illustration for article titled Andrew Stanton Teases The emJohn Carter/em Sequel Well Never See

Perhaps it was all the recent "John Carter 2 could have been awesome" reports, but for reasons unknown, Andrew Stanton has tweeted the title cards to the John Carter movies we'll never see.


The director must be getting nostalgic for a movie that never found its audience. Alas, we would have happily watched many more John Carter of Mars movies. While the first film was undeniably flawed, it still had good bones. Alas, now all we have are these tweets of the ghosts of John Carter's dead future.


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"would of"? Jeepers, Meredith.

If the rumours are true, and the marketing was entirely Stanton's ideas, then he has nobody to blame but himself.