And Then We Just Stopped And Thought About Just How Far We'd Come

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A man and his mech stand on the edge of a cliff, looking out at the majestic landscape of an alien world. In that red package is everything they struggled to carry across endless space, to get here. But how in blazes are they going to make it to that gas giant hanging on the horizon?

This concept art comes via Marek Tamowicz, and it’s called “Emerion.” Check out tons more of Tamowicz’s art over at Deviant Art.

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Serious Business

I know a teacher who finds art like this and gets his young students to write whatever story they think it illustrates. Getting them to read it in front of the class usually isn’t hard because they’re usually so jazzed-up about it that they forget they’re doing a bit of public speaking.

Off topic, but I think that’s incredibly important for today’s kids who are likely to develop sophisticated social-media skills rather than actual real-life essential social-skills.