And The New Doctor Might Be...

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Has the identity of the new Doctor Who been accidentally revealed on British television by one of his co-stars? That's definitely what a lot of fans seem to think happened on Thursday, when Phillip Rhys either accidentally misspoke, or let it slip that not only have the BBC chosen their new Doctor... but that it's who a lot of people were expecting. Watch for yourself and see what you think.

(Thanks, Dave and Jason.)


Jack B. Quick

You know, it's coming to that point that if Patterson Joseph isn't the new Doctor, people are going to be so disappointed!

But come on; the way this has leaked - don't you think RTD has a bit more subtlety and common sense than to reveal it in his _biography_? And do you think this guy is told of the BBC's dearest secret?

Still, great way to keep Doctor Who in the loop for us in this very, very dry and boring wait for Christmas Day...! :-D