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"Two young men who complained of voiding difficulty after stuffing odd materials into the urethra to obtain sexual gratification," published in the International Neurourology Journal. Here, in lieu of an awards speech (as is customary in our recognition of noteworthy paper titles), is the article's abstract:

The self-insertion of foreign bodies into the urethra to obtain sexual gratification is an uncommon paraphilia and may be complicated by their passage into the urethra and subsequent difficulties in recovering the foreign body. There are two key areas of discussion in relation to this issue: (1) the psychological aspects of the action and (2) the possible treatment options. With careful attention to the patient's history, it is usually possible to identify the foreign body and the time since insertion. In most cases, the individual seeks emergency surgical treatment. Radiological evaluation is necessary to determine the exact size, location, and number of objects. Endoscopic retrieval is usually successful, but open surgical removal is required in some cases. We present two cases of self-insertion of foreign bodies into the urethra.


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H/t Ed Yong

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