Two Deer Stop Traffic On The Golden Gate Bridge, Prance Endearingly

Two deer managed to find their way onto the Golden Gate Bridge Friday, around the unfortunate hour of 5:30 pm. The pair held up rush-hour traffic for about thirty minutes as they made their way to safety, trit-trotting across the crowded bridge and into Marin.

Above: The deer in question, doing what deer do on a busy bridge | Via Melvin Mendoza

Fortunately for anyone not present on the bridge to witness the deer in person, there were more than a few camera phones on hand to document the occasion:


Let the record also show that while plenty of news outlets covered this story, the award for best headline definitely goes to 99Telep☺dpr☹blems over on ODeck:


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It's amazing how fast urban animals are learning they have little or nothing to fear from us.

I live in Vancouver, and just this last summer, I have been within feet of: a squirrel, a crow, a raven, a whitetail deer, a rat, three racoons, a skunk, and (I think) a coyote. And they were all "Hi, or whatever. Get out of my space."