And now, here are marshmallow Peeps operating the Large Hadron Collider

The best uses for marshmallow Peeps have nothing to do with eating them. When they're not busy exploding in microwaves, bunny and chick-shaped Peeps are making important discoveries in the field of particle physics. Take a look inside the sugary search for the Higgs Just Born.

This brilliant Peeps diorama was created by physics researchers Marilena Loverde and Laura Newburgh. Visit Cosmic Variance for a more detailed look at the Peeps at work, including the carefully rendered books Mashmatical Methods for Physicists and Peepskin & Schroeder's Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.


Amazingly, this is not the only Peeps LHC to hit the Easter diorama scene. One of the finalists in the Washington Post's annual "Peeps Show" contest also rendered Cern with multicolored marshmallow bunnies.

ATLAS Peeped [Cosmic Variance via It's Okay to be Smart]

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