And Now, Every Time Batman Has Kissed Someone in Live-Action

The kills have been counted—now it’s time for Bat-smooches. Turns out the Dark Knight (or really, his alter-ego) spent quite a bit of his time inbetween beating the crap out of bad guys engaging in intimate relations.

This fun little mash-up video from Maurice Mitchell sticks to Batman’s live-action appearances, and unsurprisingly there’s a lot more kissing going on when Batman is Bruce Wayne rather than when he’s in his bat-gear. And also, Adam West’s Batman did a lot less kissing than you might have expected!

There’s a few in there that are a bit circumspect—I’m not sure that Catwoman lick should count—but it’s still a fun watch. Also, you begin to notice just how often the cowl pokes its sharp nose into someone’s cheek mid-moment of Bat-passion. Probably why he does more of his flirting outside of the Batman costume, really.


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