And now, Bear McCreary playing Battlestar Galactica à la accordion

Without further ado, here's the ever-rad Bear McCreary scoring "Prelude to War" entirely with accordion. He even uses it for percussion. If Battlestar was a turn-of-the-century silent-film serial, this would be the unofficial soundtrack. Also, it would be called Battlenought Galacticrantz, star Laurel and Hardy as "Those Rollicking Adama Brothers," and showcase Alpha the Robot's nefarious plot to steal your girlfriend.


See also: His blog post on the above song. Thanks, 99TelepodProblems!

[Via Reddit]

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Prelude to War is probably my all time favourate piece of music from my all time favourate episode from my all time favourate TV show.

So yeah, this is fraking AWESOME. :D