And now, a reading from the best undead novel of our time: Z is for Zombie

Last night on New Girl, Nick finally finished his long-awaited zombie novel, Z is for Zombie. And here are the first few pages from that undead tome, read by Winston. We're seeing a spin-off movie deal for this, Mike Senior WHO SUCKS.

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New Girl: One of the last shows to prove that sometimes really good things take time to build up. I love this show, but wow the first four or five episodes needed to find their footing. Thankfully they've been rocking their sophomore year. This is why i get so frustrated at networks who just pull stuff within say 3 weeks (sometimes 1 week). If they paid attention to how seinfield or M*A*S*H did the 1st year, neither of those shows would have made it. So here, here to New Girl, finally a show that was given some room to grow. I'm just stunned it was on FOX, home of the "oh wait...we canceled that."