And Now, a Joyful Firefly Music Video: "No Power in the Verse Can Stop Me"

This Sunday, the Science Channel celebrates the unstoppable power of Firefly, on its tenth anniversary, with Firefly: Browncoats Unite. And here's an early taste of the festivities: They've given us this exclusive music video, full of autotuned goodness, called "No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me." Warning: This could be a major earworm. But if you happen to be celebrating something today, it seems oddly appropriate.


Want even more Firefly goodness before Sunday evening at 10 PM? The Science Channel will release more brand new Firefly goodies if you tweet at them. Here are the details:

On November 11, the Science Channel will bring you a Firefly 10th Anniversary Special Event! It's (literally) been 10 years in the making for this extravaganza - and there's nearly two hours of extra footage that just couldn't be squeezed into the hour-long special. Here's your chance to see four of the best moments that WILL NEVER AIR ON TELEVISION (or anywhere else)! All you need to do is tweet @ScienceChannel with #FireflyNov11. A new video will unlock for every 5,000 tweets that enter the Twitter 'verse.

And of course, Firefly: Browncoats United airs on Sunday at 10 PM, after an all-day Firefly marathon. According to Science: "The 60-minute special includes secrets from the set, exclusive cast interviews, and footage from this year's colossal Comic-Con panel that dominated the pop culture conversation. Joining Whedon and Fillion for FIREFLY: BROWNCOATS UNITE are Serenity crewmembers Sean Maher, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres and Jewel Staite; along with executive producer Tim Minear and executive story editor Jose Molina."


Anekanta - spoon denier

Woah. Now don't get me wrong... I adore Firefly, and I'll totally check out the special if I can. But no power in the 'verse can make me like these "songs" composed of auto-tuned speech samples. They make me want to kick someone into a ramjet engine.