And now, a chicken grown in a Petri dish

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A fertilized, incubated chicken egg takes about 21 days to hatch; and while most of us have seen what chicks look like at either end of the developmental spectrum (either sunny-side-up in a frying pan or newly hatched in a nature documentary), the fact that egg shells aren't see-through means that not many people have seen what goes on between days 2 and 20.

Well... now you have.

As reddit user alukima points out, it's unclear whether these photos catalogue the development of a single chick, or of several chicks photographed at different stages of development. You'll notice, for example, that in the third image the yolk appears be broken, but looks fine in later images.


Having said that, it is possible to grow a chicken in a petri dish. Several methods papers have been published on the subject of Petri-grown chicks, beginning with the Auerbach method in 1974. You can check out the full set of images over on imgur.

[Via reddit]

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John Hazard


How soon before rich women can have babies in a dish and retain their precious figures?