Neil Gaiman Is Getting His Own Television Series!

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One of fantasy’s biggest names is getting an anthology television series. Sky Arts will be airing Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories, with production beginning at the end of November.


The Guardian has reported that the series will adapt four of Gaiman’s short stories. There’s no word on exactly which stories will be adapted, or who has been cast in the show.

The show will be produced by Sid Gentle Films, an independent film company based out of London. The episodes will be directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard.

This is pretty exciting: there’s been some fantastic adaptations of Gaiman’s work (with another television project, American Gods in the works). Given the quality of some of the anthology shows coming from England - Black Mirror comes to mind - this has the potential to be something well worth watching.

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Hands of Orlok

And I was expecting something like Castle, just with Gaiman and supernatural crimes. Sounds thrilling nonetheless!