It is a good day to be a superhero who prefers to wear normal clothes? First we had the unofficial reveal of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher in Daredevil, and now we have first official still from Netflix;’s upcoming Jessica Jones TV series, of both the titular star and Luke Cage!

Update: It turns out somehow that these are not official pics of Netflix’s upcoming Jessica Jones TV series, but paparazzi shots of the stars filming a scene. They’re weirdly close and high-quality, but definitely not official. Sorry for the confusion!


Again, it feel a little anti-climatic to get more photos of Krysten Ritter’s Jones and Mike Colter’s Cage as superheroes who aren’t doing anything obviously superheroic while wearing street clothes and not colorful costumes (not that Luke Cage or Jessica Jones have worn spandex recently in the comics either). Would it help if I told you Luke Cage has just been on fire?

A little? Great. Hopefully we’ll get some shots of them beating some bad guys into villianous pulp shortly.

[Via Comic Book Resources]

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