An Unfulfilled Future of Funny Hats and Breast-Inspired Breastplates

In the 1960s, fashion designers offered their predictions for what space age fashion might look like. What they came up with was reflective clothing, towering headgear, and a few items not safe for work.

The German fashion television show Paris Aktuell frequently featured work from futurist fashion designers such as Pierre Cardin (he of the Cannes bubble house), André Courrèges, and Paco Rabanne. Some of the pieces in this clip are simply lovely outfits inspired by the popular colors and trends of the 1960s, while others are experiments in head-to-toe cover-ups (either for future demands of modesty or protection from the elements) and predictably shiny, silvery duds. But the most striking outfits are also the most provocative: a metal breastplate adorned with a pair of inverted breasts, turning the very female form into fashion, and a sheer tank with its own built-in censor bars.


[via Metafilter]

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