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An Undead Outbreak Summons a Stealth, Ruthless Response in Chilling Short The Plague

Image courtesy Guillermo Carbonell
Image courtesy Guillermo Carbonell

It’s an otherwise quiet night when a woman hears a noise—and discovers her elderly father has wandered from his nursing home for an unannounced visit. Things then take a turn for the decidedly insane in Guillermo Carbonell’s short The Plague. Zombies are involved... but not how you’d expect.


And here’s a fun fact: The stirring music for The Plague was composed by Carbonell’s fellow Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez, director of Don’t Breathe and the Evil Dead remake.

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I liked the fact that the ‘zombie’ didn’t look like a ghoul, but I don’t see the threat. So some people don’t die. So what? He didn’t attack his daughter, just those chasing him. It seems the equivalent of calling those who go into remission from cancer a zombie.