In the crime ridden future of the short film Memorize, everyone is implanted with a chip that records their every memory—a handy device for officers looking to bring criminals to justice. But when one detective goes on a hunt for the person responsible for a grisly murder, he comes up against not only a lot of guns, but also the limits of this all-important technology.

Written and directed by Jimmy Eriksson and Eric Ramberg, Memorize plays heavily on action tropes, but also includes some particularly great moments of world-building. (I can't help but love the pharmabot.) And the holographic "look left, throw right" action sequences are terribly fun. There are also some nice suggestions about what happens when an institution relies on one technology to the exclusion of all others. When the short ends, we have to wonder: do these futuristic cops have a Plan B?


Memorize [Jimmy & Eric via Kuriositas]