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An Old Lady Saves Zeus' Life And He Tries To Repay Her...Awkwardly

Illustration for article titled An Old Lady Saves Zeus Life And He Tries To Repay Her...Awkwardly

Every year, the cartoonist Boulet makes an entire webcomic story in just 24 hours, and every year, it's incredibly fun. This year, Boulet spins a tale about an elderly widow who finds herself doing Zeus a favor, and doesn't much like how the king of the gods tries to repay her.

Boulet celebrated 24-hour-comic day this year by making The Gaeneviad (a little NSFW), a short story that is by turns dramatic, silly, and sweet. Genevieve Menard unexpectedly crosses paths with Zeus one day, and finds herself the object of the god's attentions. Zeus doesn't like the idea of being in a mortal's debt, but he doesn't have any idea what someone like Genevieve would want. Genevieve's reactions to Zeus' gifts are darling, and it's only when another god enters the fray that Zeus truly understands the difference between a person like Genevieve and the heroes of Greek myth.

It's a delightful twist on mythology and another wonderful entry from Boulet.

[The Gaeneviad]

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An Old Lady Saves Zeus' Life And He Tries To Repay Her...Awkwardly

With some hot swan loving?

Aww that was cute. Good comic.

Also, NSFW. Probably should mention that.