As if you didn’t already know, next month finally marks the day from Back to the Future Part II when Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in 2015. There’s a lot going on to celebrate the occasion (click here for proof) but this may be the best thing yet.


Above you see Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, in a teaser for a short film called Doc Brown Saves the World! It’s going to be included exclusively on the new Back to the Future Blu-ray box set that also comes out on, you guessed it, October 21, 2015. Pre-order here.

So what in the gigawatt is going to happen in the film? We don’t know and the YouTube description doesn’t offer any clues:

Great Scott, Doc Brown’s back! Here’s a sneak peek from the new short coming exclusively to the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Blu-ray and DVD Trilogies. #‎BTTF2015


Thanks for nothing, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment YouTube page. Still, it’s great to see Lloyd still perfectly capture a role he last performed almost three decades ago.

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