An Office of the Future Held Aloft by Balloons

This office is suspended by two huge balloons, and only the ceiling is preventing it from hovering dozens of feet off the ground and gently drifting in the breeze. Is this a model of an environmentally-friendly office of the future, its energy needs fed by sunlight and wind? Or was it built by people who have had to work in cramped offices their whole lives and want nothing more than to float those boxes into a hurricane? Built by artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, who specialize in creating weirdly re-imagined prefab buildings, this installation once hovered in Berlin's largest train station (as you can see below).


Jimmy Stamp, writer behind amazing architecture blog Life Without Buildings, says he saw the installation in Berlin many years ago and has been haunted by it since. He has a great post up today about it, and some of the other installations by Elmgreen and Dragset. Here's another of their oddities, a crumbling administration building. Stamp writes, "Their pieces give the impression that they belong in the Ancient Civilizations Wing of some far-future museum."

Photograph of the crumbling Adminstration office courtesy of Galleri Nicolai Wallner. All other photographs courtesy of Life Without Buildings and Le Territoire des Sens.

A Floating Room and Broken Architecture [Life Without Buildings]


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