An Obsolete Robot Falls In Love With The Model Designed To Replace It

C-29 was content to move packages along the assembly line until one day, when a shiny new model appeared on the opposite side of the conveyer belt. What happens next is extraordinarily sweet — and more than a little sad.


Charlie Davies created Magnetism, and it feels a bit like WALL•E and EVE meets Romeo and Juliet, and even though this is a particularly short film, that final shot put a lump in our throats. It's amazing how much emotion you can get out of a robotic arm.

[via Rob Munday of Short of the Week]

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All those fragile packages, smashed cause of two robots in love. The true tragedy.

Sweet little short. Though it just raises questions for me. Are all the arms sentient? Is being sentient is an endless servitude of repetitive simple actions a hell for them anyways? Perhaps suicide wasn't just to be together.

Also why even when two beings such as robots are in love, are they given gender cues to make them so can be interpreted as hetero robots by audience?