An MRI Machine On Every Desktop

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You'll be taking pictures of your brain while checking email with new, consumer-grade magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines developed by an Israeli company called Aspect Technologies. Yesterday the company announced a six million dollar cash infusion from a secret US investor. Usually getting an MRI is very expensive, and can only be done in a hospital, but now Aspect Technologies might make these machines into fancy bio-feedback devices that you could use to see which part of your brain is active when you are stressed — and which parts light up when you have an orgasm.


Just as people who do bio-feedback can train themselves to calm down, you could train yourself to have extra-intense orgasms by learning what it is you're doing when your brain shows the most intense orgasms occurring. Think I'm kidding? Rutgers University professor Barry Komisaruk has suggested that this would be an ideal use for home MRI machines. Not to mention that they can help you locate damage in carpal tunnel syndrome, and figure out exactly where there's blockage in your hands to make the circulation so bad in your fingers. Someday, MRI machines will be as common in the home as thermometers are today. Image by MAURICIO LIMA via Getty.

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