This clip from the short film c offers an evocative character sketch of a spaceship officer plunging into the unknown. I love the weird mood evoked by the effects and music, which suggest this film is as invested in its characters as its futuristic technologies.

Writer/director Derek Van Gorder writes in to tell us:

In tribute to the classics of 1980's, the film is being done without CGI or greenscreen, relying on models and in-camera effects.

Set in the distant future, "c" tells the story of First Lieutenant Malleck and her radical attempt to salvage reason in the midst of an interplanetary cold war. Accelerating her ship as close as possible to the speed of light is the only way to avoid certain destruction— but in doing so she and her crew leave behind everything they know. It's a technical, hard-science-fiction film about about mutually assured destruction, time dilation, and survival on a cosmic scale.

Currently shot as a short film, I am hoping to send this trailer around and gauge interest from sci-fi fans. If the response is promising, I would like to develop it as a larger project.


Learn more about the filmmaker on his website.