An Interrogation Takes a Bizarre Turn in This Clip From Indie Sci-Fi Thriller Proximity

Isaac (Ryan Masson) realizes his life has become an X-Files episode.
Isaac (Ryan Masson) realizes his life has become an X-Files episode.
Image: Shout! Studios

Eric Demeusy is mostly known as a visual effects artist—he won an Emmy for his work on Stranger Things and was nominated for Jessica Jones, and he worked on Game of Thrones too. But he’s also a director (we quite enjoyed his Boba Fett fan film) with his first sci-fi feature on the way, and we’ve got a clip to share!

Proximity is the story of a guy named Isaac (Ryan Masson) who has an unusually cool job—he works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena—but is otherwise a pretty unremarkable, sorta nerdy dude who’s gone through some rough family stuff. That all changes when he’s out on a hike and happens to capture footage of an extraterrestrial in the woods, before experiencing what he believes to be an alien abduction.


Because he has video proof of the incident, he thinks his story has credibility, even if the media disagrees. But Isaac’s concerns over being a laughingstock melt away when he’s abducted again—this time by shadowy Men in Black types who’re very eager to pick his brain for information. The exclusive clip io9 has for you today shows what happens next.

Proximity is coming to VOD and digital platforms starting May 15. Want more? Check out the trailer below.

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I understand how hard it is to make a movie... but....


His captors seem really incompetent. They restrain him with velcro? He could have leaned down and undone them with his teeth, if they weren’t so weak that he could just rip free of him. And two big alien/robot guards are taken out by a skinny little nerd in the space of 5 seconds?
Yeah the face goo was cool. But come on guys! If you want us to suspend disbelief, you can’t make it so hard to do it!
At least show how smart he is by using something on his person as a tool to get out of his restraints (pick a lock with a paperclip, or something). Maybe he electrocutes a guard by smashing the still plugged in electronic equipment into its head, then grabs its gun and shoots the other one.
Ya gotta do a little work when writing this stuff!