All this week, all over the world, you have a chance to own a free, original painting from some one of your favorite movies of all time. In 19 cities across five different countries, artist Scott Campbell is kicking off what he calls The Great, Great Showdowns Hunt.

Campbell is celebrating the release of his third book, Great Showdowns: The Revenge, and to do so he’s hiding original paintings of famous movies in the place those movies were shot. Above, you see two of the first four, but you can see them all below.


“I have always LOVED treasure hunts,” Campbell told io9. “I love the idea of looking for something that has been hidden by someone else’s hands and I wanted to give my fans something special from me. But I wanted the experience to be a fun time. Giving people paintings of their favorite movie characters is nice, but hiding the paintings at the locations in which the movies were filmed is extra good times.”

For the past nine years, Campbell has been painting the Great Showdowns series. He finds a great conflict or moment of tension from a movie, and portrays it in his unique, cartoonish style. “They were always meant to be little candy sized moments that people could enjoy as a group,” he said. “The characters were happy to be depicted like this as well, that is why you see smiles on their faces.”

The series started at Los Angeles art gallery Gallery 1988 in 2007 and has exploded since—into a dedicated website, two full gallery shows and three hardcover books, including the new one.


“As the years wore on and more showdowns came into being, we oftentimes find inanimate objects with smiling faces like the Office Space printer, Point Break wave or even OUTER SPACE ITSELF smiling at Sandra Bullock,” Campbell said. “They just kept going and going. I can’t control them.”

Which brings us to The Great, Great Showdowns Hunt. Since he almost exclusively shows his work in New York and LA, Campbell thought the idea of a global scavenger hunt would be just the thing to please fans he doesn’t often get to interact with.

“I wanted people in towns that I don’t usually get the chance to visit the opportunity to enjoy a hunt,” Campbell said. “I want to feel like I am reaching out and touching all these cities! I want to give some love back to the fans who have supported the showdowns for so long! It’s like having a thousand pen pals!”


Here’s how it works: Below, you are going to find the first four paintings along with a little write up by Campbell himself. These paintings are right now, as you read this, hidden at the location the scene takes place. Then, each day through November 8, Campbell will hide four more.

So check out the paintings, read Campbell’s clues below, then run out and find them. And don’t forget, these can be anywhere in the world.

UPDATE 2:45pm Nov. 2: All four showdowns have been found and accounted for. Call off today’s search.


This film follows a team of space explorers as they venture to earth to save some whales and get home. In this particular scene, the team visits a famous aquarium. One of the more pensive fellows decides he should jump into a tank and have a chat with one of the whales. Where did this chat happen?

This painting is of four rather violent fellows. The film follows their violent exploits as they needlessly terrorize the people around town. In this particular scene, the fellows are walking along a little lake in slow motion. One of the fellows decides he wants to get violent with his bros and a slow motion fight ensues in and around this water. Where were they horsing around in slow motion?


Ah, this is one of my favorite films. These guys start up a business that takes care of people’s ghost problems. They set up shop in an old firehouse and become a rather successful business. People love to ask each other who they should call when they talk about these guys. Where was this main office?

This is a very action-packed movie that follows the exploits of a boy who must battle all of his new girlfriend’s ex-boyfriends. They all seem quite super-powered, so this task feels a bit overwhelming. In this particular scene, the boy comes in contact with the famous movie star ex-boyfriend and challenges him to an epic skateboard rail slide down a very long stairway. Where was this rail slide attempted?


That’s four. There will be 21 more coming though Sunday, and those will all be revealed on and Campbell’s site,

If you find one, Tweet @ScottLava with the hashtag #GreatGreatShowdownsHunt to brag to the world.

“I want everyone to feel included in this Great Showdown party,” Campbell said. “I want to feel like I have reached out and shaken the hands of people around the globe.”


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