An Interdimensional Spaceport Off the Coast on Titan

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Massive futuristic cubes are surrounded by waiting spaceships and transports in this concept set on a moon orbiting a ringed planet. Artist Steve Burg says he intended it to look inter-dimensional.

Burg has worked as a concept artist, storyboarder, and matte painter on everything from Buckaroo Banzai to Robot Jox, and has also worked with sci directors like Robert Zemeckis on Contact, and Paul Verhoeven on Starship Troopers. In fact, given that we're going into a Terminator-laden weekend, it's only fitting that he also worked on Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and the T2:3D theme park film.

Burg frequently puts sketches and computer artwork up on his blog for people to check out, and of this spaceport picture he had this to say:

I wanted to capture the feeling of a busy port at dawn, with numerous craft of different shapes and sizes coming and going. The enormous cubes — at least in my mind — contain portals that enable inter-dimensional travel to other worlds. Large ships circle the area, waiting for clearance from traffic control to proceed to their destinations — much like jumbo jets at a modern airport.


As lonely as we may find it to be, it certainly looks more inviting than LAX on a holiday weekend.

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papercup mixmaster

This is a beautiful piece. I've always been really drawn to the idea of a system of portals, or wormholes, or gates, whatever you want them to be, that allow interdimensional or interstellar travel, instead of individual ships that are able to make those kinds of jumps. Perhaps because it seems less chaotic. I don't know. This is an really wonderful rendering of that idea.