There are few things that make as much of a day-to-day difference in our lives as the length of our commutes. Which is why this map, which lets you see which Americans are better or worse off in terms of commute times, is so interesting. Input your counties, America! And then begin your gloating/seething.

The map, which is the work of Nathan Yau at FlowingData, finally gives an answer to the question of whether your trip into work is worse than your friends around the country. Some of the commute comparisons the map highlights are no surprise: Los Angeles County has a much longer commute time than the rest of the nation on average, for instance. But there are some more unexpected spots. For instance, where are you all going, Elbert Country, Colorado? And why is it taking you more than 40 minutes to get there?


Check out the full map (and your county) over at FlowingData, and then tell us about your commute in our comments section.