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An interactive map of what New Yorkers complain about, by borough

Illustration for article titled An interactive map of what New Yorkers complain about, by borough

If somebody went and made kvetching an organized sport, New Yorkers would no doubt be among the game's most preternaturally gifted bellyachers. But what, exactly, would they complain about?


Driven by a desire to visualize NYC's grievances on a city-wide scale, media artist Dietmar Offenhuber — an alumnus of MIT's thoroughly awesome Media Lab — combed through public records in search of 311 calls (i.e. non-emergency service requests) made for noise, graffiti, and litter between 2010 and 2012. He then overlaid the results atop a block-by block, interactive map of the city's five boroughs, color-coding as he went according to the nature of each complaint.

Here's the result. As Offenhuber points out, "it seems that Manhattan complains more about noise, the Bronx more about graffiti, and Staten Island more about litter." Click to zoom in and pan around:


Offenhuber scored this info via NYC Open Data, a positively massive repository of public data, generated by a variety of the city's agencies & organizations and made available for public use. One can't help but wonder what other insights are hiding in those numbers.

See more of Offenhuber's stellar visualization work over on his website.

[Via visualizing]

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