It's the 100-years anniversary of commercial flight travel. To celebrate, let's all check out this lovely interactive map, that shows the flight paths and times of all the planes currently in the air.

The interactive map was created by The Guardian, using data on both the times and routes taken by all the commercially-flown planes today, and is a great look into just how busy the skies above have gotten.


Commercial travel first took off in 1914, when the rather charmingly titled St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line began offering passengers the opportunity to buy their way on to a flight. Passengers were charged $400 (just a little over $9,000 today), the only route available was a 29-mile hop across from Tampa Bay, and the trip took about 20 minutes. They were in business only three months and only transported 1200 passengers in total.

Today, The Guardian says that at any given moment there are over half a million people in the air and they've mapped out the flight patterns that criss-cross the world (as seen in this screenshot). Go check out the full interactive map, complete with times and flightpaths, by clicking here.

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