An Interactive Chart Of Which Jobs Your College Degree Actually Gets

What was your major in college and what jobs can it really get you? This interactive chart answers that question for all the most popular college degrees.

It's the work of Ben Schmidt, an Assistant Professor of History at Northeastern University. Schmidt used census data to generate the chart, which you can look at either by popularity of job or by popularity of major.


For instance, majoring in math was most likely to lead to a job in software development, followed closely by a job in education.

But although software development was the most popular job for math majors, among software developers the most common degree was, unsurprisingly, computer science, followed at a distance by electrical engineering.


You can check out the full interactive visual (and the data on your own major) over at Schmidt's website here — and then tell us in the comments what you studied and what you decided to do with it.

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