An Incredibly Cool Mecha Godzilla, and More of the Best Toys We've Seen This Week

James Whitbrook and Andrew Liszewski

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's roundup of the merchandise most likely to burn a hole in our wallets this week. Today we’ve got a Boba Fett-inspired Nerf blaster, some retro Batman action figures, a cool way to build your own Lego Transformers, and an alarmingly adorable Xenomorph plushie.

Nerf Rival Star Wars Battlefront Apollo XV-700 Blaster Set


Nerf’s 70MPH Rival blasters were announced over two years ago, and while the line has expanded over the years with bigger and better armaments, this is the first branded set we’ve seen. The Rival Apollo XV-700 blaster, one of the original models in the line, has now been given a Boba Fett-inspired makeover with a new paint job that looks customized for a Mandalorian soldier. Available in the coming months for $90 but only at Gamestop locations, the new set, which is actually tied to the Star Wars Battlefront game, also includes a matching face mask because these are the first Nerf toys you’ll want to wear protection for.

Funko Batman ‘66 Action Figures

Modern day “retro” figures always seem like a tough deal—paying roughly the price of a modern figure for something specifically designed to look and be worse than a modern figure is a bizarre prospect, even if you love the retro aesthetic of classic action figures. Funko’s “ReAction” line of toys tried to do just that (and more often than not, failed), but their own articulated 3.75" figures that have come to take its place do a much more impressive job of balancing the retro vibes of old-school figures with at least some decent, albeit basic, articulation and sculpting. The latest series based on the classic Batman TV show works perfectly for the look, balancing retro kitsch with some action figure fun. Batman, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Batgirl, Batgirl, King Tut, and Bookworm form the first wave that hits shelves next month, alongside a Batmobile playset that includes the dynamic duo. [Funko]

ThreeZero Sixth-Scale X-Files Agent Mulder Figure


Mulder? Is that you? ThreeZero is teasing its first sixth-scale X-Files figure based on everyone’s favorite alien hunter/FBI agent: Fox Mulder. The likeness is close enough to David Duchovny that you’d probably recognize and stop him on the street to say hi, but you wouldn’t be so certain in a dark restaurant. There’s no pricing or availability info just yet, or any indication that he’ll come with a gray-skinned alien accessory, but we’re hoping an Agent Scully figure isn’t far behind. [ThreeZero via Toyark]

Plush Alien Xenomorph


H.R. Giger is responsible for creating one of Hollywood’s most terrifying extra-terrestrials, and Etsy’s Abalaba is responsible for turning those Aliens Xenomorphs into a creature more adorable than a puppy. These hand-made plush creations are about the size of a Golden Retriever, and made with wire-supported fleece so they can be posed and actually stand on their own four legs. At $350 these aren’t cheap as far as plush toys go, but they’d probably be better than a teddy bear for scaring away all the things that go bump in the night. [Etsy via Laughing Squid]

Transformers: Cool Projects for your Lego Bricks


If you grew up in the ‘80s, two of your biggest passions were undoubtedly Lego and Transformers. Master builder Alex Jones (no, not that Alex Jones) has managed to combine both of those popular toys with a series of Lego Transformers models that can actually transform. But instead of just staring at his collection with envy, you can now actually build these creations yourself with an upcoming $20 book, Transformers: Cool Projects for your Lego Bricks, that includes building instructions for many of these models. [Amazon via The Lego Car Blog]

Shin Godzilla NERV G Weapon


Okay, so this isn’t a “new” toy—it was previously revealed as part of a Godzilla x Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover line of toys, but this amazing Mechagodzilla designed by legendary video game artist Yoji Shinkawa—best known for his illustrative work on Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders—is on its way soon, and huge toy geek and long time collaborator Hideo Kojima recently got an early look at the final figure. It’s Godzilla-esque alright, but it’s more like a cross between Shinkawa’s work on Zone of the Enders and Evangelion than it is a Godzilla/Evangelion mashup, really. Either way, it’s amazing, and you can get your hands on it in Japan when it releases in July.

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