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An Illustrated Guide To Surviving A Lightning Strike

Illustration for article titled An Illustrated Guide To Surviving A Lightning Strike

Each year, roughly 240,000 are struck by lightning and survive. How do you increase your odds? This illustration can help.


Illustrator Ted Slampyak created this image for The Art of Manliness. It's a handy visual reminder of what to do in case you get caught out in a storm without your Faraday suit.

Slampyak has illustrated numerous other visual guides for The Art of Manliness, including how to escape a sinking car, how to escape zip ties, and how to survive falling through ice.


How to Survive a Lightning Strike: An Illustrated Guide [The Art of Manliness via Laughing Squid]

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The art of manliness seems to require a whole lot of knowledge I'm too incompetent to master. Can't eating cereal and growing a beard be considered manly?