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An extremely trippy photo of the old Disneyland cafeteria

Illustration for article titled An extremely trippy photo of the old Disneyland cafeteria

Old Disney outfits were an infinitely deep reservoir of nightmare sludge. But when you threw all the characters in one room together for a casual meal, the results were delightful. As the Disney Fan Club explains of this snapshot:

Disney's first park [was] just six years old when this truly behind-the-scenes photo was snapped in July 1961. Barely a month earlier, the Monorail track was extended to the Disneyland Hotel and the park hosted its very first Grad Nite Party, where teens dressed up and spent the night eating, dancing and enjoying many of the attractions. And speaking of dressing up and eating, you could always catch a character-in full regalia-on break in one of the Disneyland employee cafeterias.


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[D23 via Retronaut]

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My husband and I have always kind of been weirded out by the character costumes at Disney World (the silence and elaborate pantomime is kind of creepy because, well, you know it's not a cartoon character) but our newphew (18 months) came to visit us with his parents for his first Disney trip yesterday and OH MY GOD. We saw Donald Duck and I was sure the kid was going to be terrified, but when his turn came in line the kid went tearing right up to him, bouncing up and down, babbling DUCKY DUCKY DUCKY. Donald put his hand down flat, probably for a high five, and our nephew instead laid his head down in Donald's palm and closed his eyes and said "Love ducky". Probably the cutest thing ever, and I had to concur that if those characters can get that sort of reaction from kids and toddlers, it's all worth it.

Of course, that same trip, our niece (she's almost sixteen) was along, and her father was tearfully telling us a story about how she got to meet Alice of Alice in Wonderland when she was four for her first trip, and how it was suuuuuuuuuuuuuch a proud moment. Niece comes over and wants to know what we're talking about. Father explains with tears in his eyes and a catch in his voice. Niece dismissively goes "Oh, yeah, huh" and walks off. You could see his heart break a bit. They grow up so fast, I guess.