You would think people would have learned not to fuck with Fred Williamson, after seeing his 1970s movies, like Mr. Mean, Tough Guys and Seriously, Don't Fuck With Fred Williamson. But no.

To be fair, this clip takes place in the year 2019, and most of the human race has been wiped out, so possibly movies like Black Caesar and Hell Up In Harlem may have been lost in the nuclear holocaust. But as if to compensate, Williamson is wearing a gold headband, and ginormous gold gauntlets with explodey jewels in them. And he's toting a huge compound bow that fires exploding arrows.


I had a really hard time finding just one clip to feature from the spaghetti post-apocalyptic film Warriors Of The Wasteland, also known as The New Barbarians. There are all the scenes where the Templars (a society dedicated to wiping out the rest of the human race) swoop down in their bubble cars and kill the survivors of armageddon. There are the scenes where the Templars' leader, One, gives a speech about how he's going to punish people for the crime of being alive. Or the dialogue like, "The world is dead. It raped itself."

There's also several million awesome scenes of Fred Williamson being amazing. Like when a hot chick in space-age panties is pointing a gun at him, and he disarms her with his sheer animal charm. And the scenes where another chick, in a shiny silver bikini top, goes to bed with him while talking about prophecies.


(And then later, the movie's other good guy, who's totally forgettable, walks in on Williamson and the lady in bed together. And Williamson is like, "Okay, have fun roaming around the post-apocalyptic landscape. I'm going to stay in bed with this hot lady." And the other guy will not take a hint — he just stands there and stares. So Williamson, says, "Bye." and the guy still stands there staring. So Williamson widens his eyes more and says, "BYE NOW!" And finally the guy leaves.)

Luckily, you don't have to take my word for it. Here's an obsessive review of every facet of this movie's charms. And here's the whole thing, streaming online, which I wish I'd known about before I spent $1.99 for a copy on DVD:


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