Watch the Bad Horse start off a meeting of the Evil League of Evil with his terrible "death whinny." We've got an exclusive inside peek at a meeting for the ELE, thanks to the new Dr. Horrible comic book.

Inspired by Joss Whedon's webseries and written by Zack Whedon, this Dr. Horrible comic will be released on September 1st by Dark Horse. But you can get a sneak peek right here, right now. These particular pages are part of a never-before-seen sixteen-page story, about the top secret organization The Evil League of Evil. But the main thrust of this comic is to answer Dr. Horrible questions, such as: What event inspired Dr. Horrible to become the world's greatest criminal mastermind? And how did Moist get so, uh, moist?

Check out more details about the Dr. Horrible comic here. And you can view a sneak peek at the next Buffy comic (the start of the final arc of season eight) over at Comic Book Resources.


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