An Exclusive Look at the Fantastical Misadventures of Allen, Son of Hellcock!

Living in the shadow of your parent’s legacy can be a tough thing—even moreso if a) your parent was the mightiest warrior to ever live and b) you’re the direct opposite of that. That’s the plight poor Allen faces in Z2’s new comic, Allen, Son of Hellcock—and we’ve got an exclusive look at the first issue of his, err... adventures?

Written by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s Will Tracy and VH1 director Gabe Koplowitz, and with art by Miguel Porto, Allan, Son of Hellcock picks up after the death of Allen’s dad—the greatest hero in all the land—Hellcock (which is a spectacular fantasy warrior name, by the way). He’s entrusted his legacy to his whiny, cowardly, only son.


Only he sort of died, as his ghostly spirit follows Allen around as he tries and fails to be a hero—in everything from swinging a sword to charming women at the local tavern, as you’ll see in this preview of issue one, making its debut exclusively on io9!


... oh dear.

Allen, Son of Hellcock #1 hits comic books stores next week, on December 16th.


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