An evocative trailer for Israeli post-nuke apocalypse flick "Radium"

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If you've been wondering where the great stories of radioactive mutants and nuclear apocaplyse have gone, Israeli film student Daniel Fallick has the answer. His short Radium, set in a nuked Tel Aviv, gives us a Middle Eastern Mad Max.

Here's the story:

15 years have passed since the nuclear bomb dropped on the Nation of Israel; and Tel-Aviv was turned into a quarantine zone for those unfortunates found with high levels of radiation in their systems. Taken away from their families and loved ones, these lost souls are forever sentenced to a life of survival in this shattered, lawless city. Layla — a strong-willed Israeli woman infiltrates Tel-Aviv in search of her long lost love. Aided by a tough ex-soldier named Raziel, the two journey through the hazardous streets of the city, only to find that the reality inside, is not what it seemed like on the outside.


Right now Fallick is showing the movie at film festivals, so all he's got online is this trailer. Fallick told io9, "I try to concoct unique films that borrow from both the fantastic as well as the harsh Israeli-reality." Looking forward to seeing the rest!

Learn more on the official Radium website.

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crashedpc /sarcasm

I'm glad someone's decided to make a post-nuke movie that's not set in Chernobyl.