An Even Bigger Mystery Is Uncovered in the New Trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events Season Two

Ah, the weird things this show can do with a computer-generated baby.
Screenshot: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)
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A new trailer for Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is here and we’ve got baby Sunny driving a fire engine, because why the hell not?

This is technically the first full trailer for the rapidly-approaching return of A Series of Unfortunate Events—casting aside the fourth-wall-bending Count Olaf elements of the first two teasers for the series, this one gives us a much better picture of what’s in store for the Baudelaire kids. This time, it’s not just Olaf who’s after them, but a group much bigger and much more sinister than even he can be.

Yes, everything is still completely miserable for them—it’s not a series of fortunate events, after all—but it turns out they’re not alone in their misery. We’re headed to the discovery of not just new friends but a much stranger group of foes who are hunting for them alongside Olaf. Even as things are getting worse for the kids though, the show keeps on looking as great as ever.


A Series of Unfortunate Events returns to Netflix March 30.

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