An Even Better Look at Doctor Who's New Sonic Screwdriver

Last week, the BBC gave us a fleeting glimpse at the Doctor’s latest version of his favorite toy: the Sonic Screwdriver. But now that the device has made its grand debut during the show’s season finale, we’ve got an even better look at it in its shiny, pulsating glory.


First off, the BBC released a short video featuring Peter Capaldi mucking about with the new screwdriver—and unlike some of the more sleeker designs it’s used in the past, this one’s a bit flashy. TARDIS-blue and gold/aluminium metal bits, topped with a pulsating light that makes it look sort of very steampunk-like. Also, it’s like, the size of Peter Capaldi’s head.

You could probably bludgeon a few Daleks with it, let alone open doors and whatever else the Sonic needs to do.

But on top of that, they also released some concept art of the final design—or nearly final, because it looks like at one point the new sonic glowed red, which might have been a bit too garish on top of all the new coloring it has:


But it’s nice to see Capaldi’s Doctor getting his own screwdriver design, instead of running around with his predecessor’s (and then ditching it for most of this season in favor of some sonic sunglasses)—a design that’s now five years old.


What do you think about the new sonic design? Should there have even been a new sonic screwdriver? Let us know in the comments.

[Concept art via Doctor Who on Tumblr]


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