Hey! Remember at the start of the show, when it felt like the mystery of Henry's immortality and his mysterious caller were going to be central parts of this show? Yeah, the show just remembered that, too.


This week's theme: Hiding your true identity! Yes, with a main character who is over 200 years old and a show that ties every murder-of-the-week to his past and we're only now getting into this topic.


This was a particularly weak mystery. Man dies. Man is not the aristocrat who he says he is. Dead man was engaged to heiress. Murderer isn't the father of the bride or the bride or even the woman who talked him through how to impersonate a British lord. Murderer is the family lawyer in love with the heiress.

The only part of the mystery that was any fun was the murder reenactment. Lucas and Henry have an excellent bit of banter as Lucas begs to not be the victim this time. "I feel like I always play the victim," he says. Lucas, Lucas, Lucas... for the purposes of comic relief, you are always the victim. Just learn to like it.


Henry responds, "It's much easier for me to get into character murdering you." And then he gives Lucas a bit of a glare. Aw. Henry, Lucas worships you. Be nicer.

This episode also had a running joke where Detective Hanson comes running in with information just after Henry figures it out on his own. It's supposed to underline how amazing Henry is, but it just tells me that the police are perfectly capable of solving things without Henry's BS.


The flashbacks are of Henry trying to fit in (HE USED TO TRY TO FIT IN! AMAZING!), dying his hair grey so he'd age along with his wife and be able to stay with her and Abe. Who, as a ten-year-old, has just had his first kiss. Unfortunately, a man saw Henry die in World War II and recognizes him in the park, so the whole family has to move and start their lives over.

Abe reconnects with that first kiss through the funeral of her husband, who was another grade school friend. Nice. Also, isn't she totally going to recognize Henry?


I just don't trust her. No idea why.

All of that stuff's just window dressing for the end of the episode, where Henry gets into a cab and is kidnapped by Adam. Oops.