An Energetic, Colorful New Popeye Poster Definitely Ate Its Spinach

Popeye is a character that has been interpreted in almost every possible way. The most popular though, is the lovable, animated version and that goofy, fun tone comes across in this brand new poster by artist Tom Whalen.

It’s a poster for the 1936 long-form Popeye cartoon Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailor, and it’s a collaboration between Dark Hall Mansion, Warner Bros., King Features Syndicate and Fleischer Studios. The true star here though is Whalen, whose recognizable, geometric, cartoonish style blends perfectly with Popeye’s world. Just look at all the detail in this.


The poster will be available Friday January 29 at Dark Hall Mansion and is available in multiple formats. There’s a standard edition (top) of 280 which costs $65, a variant edition (bottom) of 50 which costs $100, and then foil versions of 10 based on each, costing $150.

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