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The Walking Dead is one of the hottest shows on TV, so it's no wonder why a major broadcast network would want to air it in syndication. But broadcast networks have standards, and TWD's massive amounts of blood and violence aren't allowed. MyNetworkTV's solution? Edit the hell out of it.


According to Entertainment Weekly, the Fox-owned, national channel will somehow turn the show all about people being eaten by zombies and occasionally murdered by other people into "family friendly" entertainment. This sounds pretty much impossible. How much of The Walking Dead will be left once you have a PG version of the show? Are the first three seasons even bearable without the action scenes?

It's worth noting that MyNetworkTV wants to keep their TWD at a TV-14 rating, which is what the original Walking Dead was rated when it first premiered. And then someone at the Parents Television Council actually watched the show and immediately demanded it switch to TV-MA. Still, this just sounds like a terrible idea to me. I mean, just think about that last episode. How do you edit "The Grove" for a national broadcast network and have more than 30 minutes of footage left? What they going to do, pretend Lizzie and Mica ran away during a commercial break?


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