An awesome Superman casting rumor, plus a key Transformer spotted in Chicago

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

The latest Superman rumor will have you breaking out the early morning Scotch and cigarettes in celebration. See Green Lantern's star-crossed lovers, and hear what Deadpool will have to say. David Fincher tells us what's cool about Jules Verne. Spoilerage!

Superman Reboot:

Here's something that's high on my list of things I desperately want to be true but know will never happen...Mad Men star and walking embodiment of a lost era of American virility Jon Hamm is reportedly being "seriously considered" to play Superman. What does "seriously considered" mean? Well, it could pretty much mean anything from idle speculation to done deal. My money's on the former, but here's hoping. [Think McFly Think]


Green Lantern:

A new image is out, this one showing Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris together: [/Film]


Now onto Ryan Reynolds's other superhero franchise. Robert Rodriguez was recently sent an early draft of the screenplay. He said he's not sure whether he'll direct - his next project will definitely be Spy Kids 4, so scheduling might be tough - but he did confirm one key aspect of the Deadpool character will be in the movie. He said Deadpool does indeed break the fourth wall and talk to the audience, just like he does in the comics. [MTV]


Transformers 3:

Another cardboard cutout of a Transformer head has given us the first confirmation that, yes, Megatron is returning for the third movie. [TFW2005]


The red jeep we showed you yesterday is indeed a new Transformers Autobot — Rollbar, to be precise, as these photos reveal (among other things). [TFW2005]

And here are a trio of set videos: [/Film]

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea:

Fight Club and Zodiac director David Fincher (he's also the guy who did Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but I prefer not to dwell on that) confirmed he's still working on the new adaptation of Jules Verne's classic. When asked what appeals to him about the project, his response was terse and awesome:

"You know, the idea of doing a gigantic steampunk science fiction movie from 1873. Kinda cool."



And Disney executive Sean Bailey explained what came out of his meetings with Fincher, including a few specific details:

I'm really excited. One of the great benefits of this job is I get to meet with filmmakers who I tremendously admire. So to be able to sit down with David and have David say, "Look, I've never really thought about Disney before, but I really want to try to do my Empire Strikes Back. And I think 20,000 Leagues is the title." It's a thrilling conversation to be in. So we had a lot of conversations about what we viewed as Disney, and what David obviously so brilliantly pushes for in his movies. And the fact that we were able to kind of align those two goals is…I have been really excited about it. … It's a bold, you know, Fincher-esque take. It's a bold, aggressive… It's got some of the characters from the original. It's got Land, it's got Aronnax. It's got Nemo, of course. But it's kind of a bold way in.



Source Code:

Moon director Duncan Jones gave a status update on where he's up to with his next trippy science fiction effort, plus how much (or, more to the point, how little) the trailers will give away:

I think it is safe to say that the film will be out early next year. My edit is complete, and we are working hard on visual effects, choosing a composer and trying the film out on a few people just to see how it goes over. Lots to do really, but everything is coming together, and I am in the capable hands of Paul "Mount Rushmore" Hirsch!

We showed a lot early, on Moon. People knew more than they should have just by watching the trailer. I think for a small film like Moon, it was probably the right move, but this film is a little bigger, and I think we can afford to hold our cards a little closer to our chest.



Sucker Punch:

Here are six new images of the main characters: [SpoilerTV]

Green Hornet:

Co-writer Evan Goldberg confirmed they have the story for a sequel all mapped out, and seemed to imply they had a franchise planned out from the start. (Which is pretty much standard operating procedure for all big movies these days.) Of course, the way things are looking now, the odds aren't good that there will be a Green Hornet 2. [The Playlist]



Zack Synder explained that his adaptation of Frank Miller's follow-up to 300 is being developed as fast as Miller can write it, and sometimes even faster:

I'm using Frank's frames to whack at this, using the same process [co-writer Kurt Johnstad] and I used when we wrote 300. Sometimes we don't have images— we're a little ahead of him right now. We have an outline, we have dialogue, it's pretty detailed. We might double back once we get the pictures to fill in if there's something cool, which there certainly will be.



Clash of the Titans 2:

Gemma Arterton says she expects to be back as Io in the sequel, but she wants the character "to be less mythical and more real and go for the fighting." We have no issues with this statement. [MTV]


Let Me In:

Here's a new image from the movie: [IGN]

Breaking Dawn:

Lee Pace, best known for his starring role on Pushing Daisies, is reportedly Summit Entertainment and Bill Condon's first choice to play Edward Cullen's friend Garrett. [Gossip Cop]



Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman had a lot to say about what's in store for Olivia this season. They explained that they very consciously constructed an alternate Olivia who's unburdened with all the terrible responsibilities our Olivia has to carry, and as she explores the alternate universe she'll start to reconsider the path she's on, as Wyman explains:

"When Olivia gets there and starts to see all these things that weren't in her own life, it's going to cause her to look at herself. And hopefully we'll break her down to build her back up and she can self actualise."


And Pinkner made it clear she's not coming back soon:

"We're not shying away from exploring the other universe and we left Olivia in a condition that it would feel like a shame if the very first thing we did was bring her home."


[Digital Spy]

The Walking Dead:

Producer Gale Anne Hurd addresses how the creative team worked with comics creator Robert Kirkman to stay true to the source material and preserve a few surprises for audiences:

Robert said to me from the very beginning, "Listen. I don't want the fans to sit there and know exactly where each episode is going and what exactly is going to happen to each character and when it's going to happen." There's no fun in that. You don't want people to have the blueprints and basically say, "You know, that wall is five inches off." You want people to be surprised, and I honestly think that fans do want to be surprised. They also don't want this - we're not out there trying to create something that no longer feels like it has the genesis that this has, which is why Robert Kirkman is so involved on the set, in the writer's room and writing it.




Here's the trailer for the tenth (and almost certainly final) season: [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth and Charlie Jane Anders.


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