For the Nuit Blanche: Bring to Light on October 1, artist Marcos Zota projected a giant eyeball onto the bottom of the Milton Street water tower in Brooklyn. Conceived as a commentary of gentrification in the neighborhood, the piece also makes for a serviceable stand-in for a Martian invader.

Explains Zota of the projection:

CCTV/Creative Control seeks to question the oppressive mechanisms and discourses implemented in the city through the temporary appropriation of public space. The intervention consists of a video projection displaying an over-sized eye onto the lower surface of the 10-storey-hight Milton Street water tower in Brooklyn, New York. Still the highest point in the area, until it is dwarfed by new gentrification plans, the water tower exists as a relic of the neighbourhood's industrial past. The intervention temporarily transforms this iconic landmark into a discernible CCTV tower, raising questions of private control over public space in the urban context.


[Marcos Zotes via Laughing Squid]