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An astronaut's-eye-view of Space Shuttle Discovery's flight deck

Illustration for article titled An astronauts-eye-view of Space Shuttle Discoverys flight deck

Sadly, none of us are going to be able to cruise around in the decommissioned Space Shuttle Discovery from here on in, so the best we can get is this hypnotizing virtual panorama of the Discovery's flight deck.


[Via Metafilter]

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There is no American flag, no "USA" and no reference to the United States in the multi-billion dollar spacecraft created by.....the United States. There is, however, a sizeable "Canada" logo in the back. I find this sad. I'm one of the few who will openly say that I'm all for political correctness. It's kinda nice not to say crap things and disrespectful things about people, etc....but come one, for what is likely PC reasons, NASA long ago began removing American flags and other references from their spacecraft. Even look at the many craft on Mars. Rarely do you see a big honkin' USA logo or American flag. At best, if you're lucky, you see a little flag shoved over to one corner. In the 60s, during the space race, American craft were practically painted red, white, and blue. While too much is obviously tacky, there's nothing wrong with giving a nod of pride to the people who actually paid the money and sweat that went into this miracle of modern space travel. It is a crime that that photos, for all eternity (when viewed by people hundreds of years from now) will not see the mark of the people behind the creation. Imagine if NASCAR took this philosophy — instead of colorful cars and jumpsuits and helmets, everyone would be a drab white. The many companies who pay the drivers and keep the show going would be forever ignored. There'd be little reason for Company XYZ to financially support the race. NASA needs to take note of the NASCAR technique — our "logo" of Stars and Strips and "USA" should be somewhere in every single photograph. The space program is the pride of the American people and hiding that fact is an absolute crime.